Appointment of new Subtech CEO


Appointment of new Subtech CEO

As part of the structural changes to the Subtech organization we commenced at the beginning of 2016, it gives me great pleasure to announce the further strengthening of the management team to build Subtech into a leading Maritime player in Africa and the Middle East.

As Subtech continues to build its presence in the African maritime space it has become essential to dedicate an experienced senior executive to head up this business. Greg Raaff with his civil engineering background and more than 25 years’ experience in this area has agreed to take up the role of Projects Director and step down as CEO. We are very appreciative of Greg’s selflessness to take on this very challenging role in order to achieve the long-term growth of the Projects division and overall profitability of Subtech.

We are very fortunate to have been able to find a suitable replacement for Greg in Paul Whiley. Paul has a history of working for and with Subtech for over 20 years. Paul’s most recent role was as CEO of Mermaid Subsea based in Qatar (originally Subtech Qatar) and SEA where he was responsible for revenue in excess of $400m (R5 billion). He brings with him over 30 years’ experience of diving and project management in the Oil and Gas industry. Paul is exceptionally well known in the industry and will assist in growing the Subtech presence in large projects in Africa and the Middle East. Paul has exceptional general management and sales skills which will hugely strengthen the overall management team and leadership of Subtech.

Please join me in welcoming Paul back into the Subtech team as your new CEO and to wish Paul and Greg every success in their new and challenging roles.