Subsea Global Solutions

Subsea Global Solutions – vetted partnership agreement

Subtech is proud to announce that the Diving Division within the Subtech Group has partnered with Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) (

SGS, formerly known as the Subsea Solutions Alliance, performs specialised underwater repairs under long-term contract to most major equipment suppliers, including warranty repairs. With a dedicated global staff, SGS have revolutionised the methods of repair for ships. Which includes ship propellers, thrusters, ship seal, class approved wet welding, and permanent shell plate repairs with cofferdams. As an example, SGS has patented an in-water method of replacing stern tube seals. The new method saves a considerable amount of time and money by using an inflatable hyperbaric cofferdam negating the need for the vessel to go into dry-dock.

Due to an increase in market demand for these types of advanced underwater repair solutions, SGS continues to expand its global footprint. This is done by identifying strategically vetted partners who share the vision of unrivalled service to clients and offer high quality of personnel and equipment. As such Subtech was a natural choice for SGS and the companies have already performed a number of jobs together.

On Friday 9th August 2013, SGS announced their newly signed Vetted Partnership Agreement with the Subtech Group as their diving company of choice on the African continent. As a full IMCA member, Subtech’s Diving Division has an outstanding reputation in both the shipping and the inshore marine construction industries and will be supporting SGS on all its primary services in Africa and will undertake all referral work for SGS.

The Subtech Group is strategically located in all major ports in Southern Africa including equipment and personnel to support the increasing demands of the market in this rapidly evolving region. Combining Subtech’s local personnel and equipment with the expertise of Subsea Global Solutions will provide clients transiting the African continent with cost effective advanced underwater repair solutions not previously available throughout the African continent.

The Subtech Group performs a comprehensive range of Marine and Subsea services across eight divisions within the company and is accredited with IMCA and all the major classification societies.