Inspiring Future Seafarers

Inspiring Future Seafarers

2016 saw the initiation of the Subtech Group bursary at the Lawhill Maritime Centre, where three Grade 12 students were given bursaries for the 2016 academic year. While we have always been aware of the outstanding work done by Debbie Owen and her team, the bursaries gave Subtech the chance to interact with the scholars, and thus the future generation of seafarers, on a different level. All three of our bursars were gracious and determined and we could not have been more impressed by the calibre of such young students. Our encounter with these three paved the way to us finding other practical ways to support more of the Lawhill students.

During December the Subtech Ndongeni was home to Menelisi and Ndumiso who both opted to spend a good portion of their holiday working and living on the Ndongeni, thereby allowing them to gain much needed exposure to the environment on board a vessel as well as the type of work they will be expected to perform once gaining their certification. Below are excerpts from their “Thank you” letters;

“I can never thank Subtech enough for this opportunity because I cannot find the words. You have made a great contribution to my life and brought me closer to achieving my goal of becoming ‘Captain Mkhize’.” 
- Menelisi Jethro Mkhize

“Thanks to Subtech I finally know what hard work really is. Learning about ships at school and getting to actually apply what I have learnt in real life situations. Coming back to school was a bit hard because I loved the sealife and eagerly want to go back. Thank you Subtech from embracing a part of me that I never knew existed. I know I want to live and not exist.” 
- Ndumiso Ngcobo

We would like to thank the Crew & Captain of the Ndongeni to embracing these students and for making their time onboard an incredibly memorable learning experience.

Full letters below:

gb - gr 10 -subtech work copy 1

gb - gr 10 -subtech work copy