Subtech Imbokodo Trust Update with Siyamtanda Vuyelwa

Subtech Imbokodo Trust beneficiary Siyamtanda Vuyelwa with her Lawhill Classmates.

Subtech Imbokodo Trust Update with Siyamtanda Vuyelwa

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” – Nelson Mandela

In early 2017 the Subtech Group announced the launch of the Subtech Imbokodo Trust. The purpose of which is to use dividend flow from the shareholding in Subtech SA to grant education bursaries to new entrants to the Maritime Industry. The Trust has been set up in recognition of the fact that education and skills development are part of the long-term solution to many of the problems that the country and the economy presently face and directly supports the objectives of Operation Phakisa.  Through the Subtech Imbokodo Trust, the Subtech Group intends to change the maritime world one bursary at a time.

The first beneficiary of the Subtech Imbokodo Trust is Siyamtanda Vuyelwa. Siyamtanda is originally from the Eastern Cape and lives with her mother, grandfather and uncle with only her mother employed. Through the Trust Siyamtanda has been able to follow her passion and is now studying Marine Science at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). Having recently completed her second semester, we caught up with Siyamtanda to find out more about life as a student, how she feels about the trust and what her future goals are.

What are you currently Studying?
I am studying marine sciences at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)

How has the Trust helped you to undertake your studies?
Had it not been for Mandy and the Trust I would not have been studying. Instead I would have been at home looking for employment unrelated to the industry or trying to find an internship. So I can say that the Trust is the reason that I am able to study what I am passionate about.

What do you enjoy most about your studies?
Although we haven’t done much practical work, we’ve only been to lakeside to do one boat practical, it is the part I have enjoyed the most. Apart from that I love that my studies challenge me, keep my mind occupied and interested and that I am never bored in class.

What have you found challenging?
My maths classes my most difficult class – hope we don’t have it again in second semester!




What do you want to do once you have completed your studies?
For the top 5 students in my course there is an opportunity for a Work Integrated Learnership (WIL) onboard a research vessel for the last six months of their degree in either Mauritius or Hawaii, which is what I am really trying my hardest to work towards. From there I would like to work as a marine scientist onboard a research ships and gain some experience in the South African industry before moving abroad.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the maritime industry?
I knew nothing about the Maritime Industry until I was granted a bursary to study at Lawhill. In grade 10 when I started Maritime Studies, which I found very interesting and it exposed me to a whole new world, I wanted to become a cadet and eventually become a captain. But then everything changed after a presentation by Lwandle Marine Environmental Services who came to talk to us about becoming Maritime Scientists. I found the talk so interesting and it was like my world started blossoming as I realised that I didn’t want to be a cadet anymore.

Have you received support from other organisations during your studies?
Apart from the Imbokodo Trust I have received support from Lwandle, who have given me work experience and a living allowance which I am so grateful for!


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