ALS Alliance: A Local Alliance Solving a Global Challenge

ALS Alliance: A Local Alliance Solving a Global Challenge

After recently signing an MOU, Alpha Logistics, LBH Mozambique and Subtech Mozambique have formed the ALS Alliance – a marine and logistics collective that offers nearly a century of combined expertise and experience on the Mozambican coast. With a strong foothold on the African continent, the Alliance is perfectly positioned to offer effective logistics and maritime services both in Mozambique’s Rovuma Basin and on a global scale.

Boasting a team of seasoned, consummate professionals who are specialists in delivering practical solutions, the ALS Alliance has pooled their knowledge and assets to deliver comprehensive solutions to those involved in the LNG Afungi Project and the abundant natural gas deposits in Northern Mozambique. These solutions are designed specifically to overcome the regions unforgiving terrain and remote sites which pose a direct challenge to those unfamiliar with the area.

Athol Emerton, Managing Director of LBH Mozambique, states that the Alliance’s vast experience in the region will enable them to deliver a superior service to the Palma-based LNG Afungi Project from the small but strategically positioned port of Mocimboa da Praia.

“Alpha, LBH, and Subtech have all been operating along the Mozambican Coast for decades,” says Emerton. “By combining our capabilities at Mocimboa da Praia, the closest port to the development at Palma, our Alliance will be perfectly positioned to deliver rapid solutions into Northern Mozambique”.

ALS Alliance

ALS Alliance Global Solutions Map

ALS Alliance Resources & Infrastructure

Drawing on their combined resources, the Alliance will be able to deploy marine assets such as a jack-up barge, landing craft, RORO barge and towing tug in 2 – 4 weeks, delivering a flexible and rapid response solution which can be easily adapted to suit cargo flow.

Their considerable infrastructure will also enable ALS Alliance to provide complete intermodal & marine solutions. Using their abilities, assets and expertise, the Alliance will deliver a proactive and highly responsive range of services, including port and marine services, special services, onshore services, marine engineering & construction, inshore diving, evacuation services & contingency plans, security and training.

Director of the Alpha Group, Arif Kurji, indicated that the northern plateau of Mozambique poses a unique set of challenges such as particularly shallow drafts which make accessing the area difficult.

“Over the last three years, the Alpha Group has invested in specialised multi-purpose units to suit shallow draft conditions. This investment includes specialised landing craft, barges, shallow vessels and jack-ups which are well suited to the Afungi area,” comments Kurji.

ALS Value Driven Innovation

The value of the Alliance is evident at the port of Mocimboa da Praia. Here, in a previously inaccessible area, Alpha’s shallow draft crafts are able to bring cargo ashore due to Subtech’s dredging capabilities. Once ashore, LBH handles the cargo and distributes the necessary materials to the LNG Afungi Project site at Palma a mere 80km away. Following this development, Mocimboa da Praia has become a highly convenient location which gives customers a distinct advantage over the Pemba (424km away) and Nacala (684km away) ports which are situated further south.

“Offering a logistical solution to those involved in the Afungi LNG Project, based on the combined capability, in-country presence, skills and facilities of Alpha, LBH and Subtech, the ALS Alliance will produce innovative and much needed client-centred solutions to logistical challenges in the region,” says Neil Scott-Williams, the Managing Director of Subtech.

The ALS Alliance’s innovative solution to the challenges facing the Afungi LNG Project is evidence of the value that they can offer to those operating in Mozambique. Furthermore, as a combination of three major industry players who have been involved in almost every capital related project in Mozambique, the ALS Alliance is well positioned to offer continued support to the developing operations in Northern Mozambique.