Saldanha Fire Pump Station Refurbishment Project

Barge coming alongside quay

Saldanha Fire Pump Station Refurbishment Project

Subtech has been subcontracted by WBHO to execute the marine components of the Saldanha Fire Pump Station Refurbishment. The facility was built in the late seventies and has been earmarked by the owners, Oiltanking MOGS Saldanha, for an upgrade for some time.

The marine-based scope of work entails the removal of the existing concrete caisson and intake pipelines, followed by the dredging of the caisson footprint and installing new caissons with SCOUR protection. This requires the mobilisation of the Ubejane Barge, the Inkwazi support tug, a Dragflow pump, an airlift and a RHIB. The Subtech Team, led by Chris Marais, and comprising twelve personnel members ranging from vessel crew members to divers, will be deployed over a period of three months.

A critical component of the project will involve the receipt of the new caisson, which has an estimated weight in excess of 70 tons. Once placed in the water by WBHO, at a quayside approximately 8 kilometres away from the pump station, the caisson will then be towed to the pump station by the Inkwazi and installed with its base at a depth of approximately 5 meters below sea level. Once the caisson has been placed, the space between it and the existing pump station will be sealed with grout. A large volume of grout will be placed by means of grout bags around the caisson to serve as scour protection.

The project kicked off in June and is expected to be completed by the end of September 2018.