Subtech is one of South Africa’s premier operators in marine construction and support services. We specialise in challenging projects and pride ourselves in our ability to innovate and engineer solutions to the most complex marine problems.

Our assets include tugs and barges, cranes and derricks, specialist lifting and rigging systems, winches and mooring systems, and dredging tools.

Subtech’s Projects Division encompasses the following areas of work:

1. Marine Projects

Our engineering and construction teams have collectively been involved in most of the port construction that has taken place in Southern Africa since 1995. Subtech offers a full range of marine construction services including marine piling support, scour protection, confined dredging and capital dredging support, underwater demolitions, underwater concreting, preparation of caisson beds and caisson placement.

2. Submarine Pipeline Installation and Maintenance

Subtech has extensive experience in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of submarine pipelines of all sizes and materials including HDPE, GRP and steel pipelines. This experience includes various methods of installation, cathodic protection and repair. As an example, Subtech has successfully completed an HDPE pipeline welding repair at sea by developing purpose built equipment to provide a static welding platform on top of an anchored barge.

3. Cable Installation and maintenance

Subtech has been a crucial partner to the subsea cable industry, having successfully completed various shore end landings and shallow water cable burials for most of the new installations and repairs in Sub-Saharan Africa over the past decade.  We have the ability to provide turnkey solutions as well as customised cable related packages tailored for clients in Sub-Saharan Africa.