The Subtech Group Evolution

Dear Valued Client,

2017 promises to a momentous year for the Subtech Group in terms of growth as the Group works towards achieving its stated vision. This vision and growth in the business has necessitated some structural changes that sees a split in management between our Offshore and our Inshore activities. In turn, this change means that someone needs to take the helm of each of these aspects of the Group’s business. While Paul Whiley continues to look after the Offshore expansion, he has appointed Neil Scott-Williams to head up in the Inshore business of the Group.

A founding member and the Business Development Director of Subtech, Neil is well known and much respected both within the Subtech Group but also in the South African maritime industry. Having started off as a Navy Diver and gone on to complete his commercial diving qualifications, Neil has worked in the commercial diving arena – both on the operational and the training side – since the late 1980’s. His own involvement in the operational and management side of salvage and rapid response dates back to 1996 and his knowledge and skills in this highly specialised area are much sought after. His abilities as a leader are well known and documented.

While Neil is exceptionally well versed in all aspects of the Group, his skills and experience in the rapid response and marine projects environment at Director level make him the obvious choice for this role. He will be ably supported by a number of key management positions within this side of the Group.

We wish Neil well in his new role and trust that he will have everyone’s active support as he takes on this challenging portfolio.

Yours faithfully,
Paul Whiley
Subtech Group Chief Executive Officer