Inshore Diving
Subtech’s Subsea Division has an outstanding reputation in both the shipping and the inshore marine construction industries.

We are widely known as a dependable and professional service provider and are accredited by all the major class societies.

Our equipment is portable and we offer various designs to ensure easy transport by road, sea or air, thereby enabling our dive teams to service customers anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa, quickly and effectively.
Subtech is a full member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and safety is embraced throughout the company. We have decompression chambers strategically placed throughout our geographical foorprint which enables safe diving within IMCA guidelines.

Subtech’s Shipping services include:
• Underwater repairs
• Sealing and blanking
• General marine maintenance and cleaning
• CCTV UWILD surveys
• VP propeller blade changes
• Propeller cropping
• Coffer dams
• Dry dock extension surveys

Our Inshore Diving services include:
• Underwater construction
• Pipeline installation, inspection & maintenance
• Fibre optic shore end installations
• Underwater demolition
• Underwater cutting & welding
• Inspections & surveys
• Marine support
• Dam maintenance
• Film industry support
• Underwater concreting

These services are backed-up by our engineering and fabrication support services.


Subtech’s Subsea Division offers a wide range of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection services, with particular experience in special
surveys and class renewal surveys. Subtech is accredited with all of the major classification societies.
Our reports are colour coded and easily understood, including detailed photographs facilitating first-hand assessment of the condition of the structure under inspection.

Our aim is to ensure that our clients are equipped with all the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding their assets.
We are able to offer all of the following services:
• Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM)
• Dye-Penetrant Inspection (PT)
• Anchor Chain Calibration (AC)
• Vacuum Box Testing (VT)
• Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)
• Confined Space Atmospheric Testing (GD)
• Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
• Radiographic Texting (X-Ray) (RT)
• Ultrasonic Flaw Detection (UT)
• Rope Access (RA)

We are also able to outsource, under Subtech Management, the balance of your service requirements, thus allowing us to be your one-stop inspection service provider.


Subtech Survey Division can offer a total solution for on-shore, near-shore and transitional zone hydrographic & geophysical surveys and geotechnical investigations through global partnerships in the industry. We have comprehensive skills sets and experience encompassing land, marine, engineering, mining, LiDAR, geophysical, geotechnical and AUV projects. Subtech Survey Division has extensive experience in providing survey support for marine construction, port development, civil engineering, dredging, EIA projects, feasibility studies, verification & validation surveys, hazard identification and geophysical surveys.

Our in-field survey teams are supported by a range of high-end, world-class, industry standard survey equipment, dedicated shore management and a competent technical support network. The survey team has proven experience throughout the African continent and internationally. Our ongoing goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of professional integrity, data quality and scientific knowledge.

Subtech has established a strong hydrographic survey capability which includes high-resolution multibeam surveys, single-beam bathymetry, side-scan imaging, sub-bottom profiling and magnetometer surveys. Other supplementary and complementary oceanographic and environmental measurement services available include provision of water-level gauges, current meters, CTD and SVP probes. For transitional, intertidal and beach zones together with adjacent territories and engineered structures, Subtech can offer through its network of established partnerships with registered professional surveyors, LiDAR surveys, 3-D laser scanning, topographic, mining and engineering surveys.

Subtech has a Team of experienced technical personnel using top-class CAD and specialist software to produce professional presentations, reports, plots, plans, charts and fly-throughs of project sites and processed deliverables.

To complete the comprehensive survey services offered, Subtech can provide onshore and offshore geotechnical sampling and coring operations.

Our services include:
• Multibeam bathymetry surveys
• Side scan sonar surveys
• Magnetometer surveys
• Cable route surveys
• Hazard identification & debris surveys
• Positioning services
• Scientific diving & environmental impact surveys
• Topographic surveys
• Single beam soundings
• Sub-bottom profiling
• Seismic surveys
• Dredging support
• Wreck and pipeline surveys
• Harbour development & marine construction
• LiDAR mapping
• Geotechnical sampling

Subtech has formed strategic alliances with companies in the geophysical survey and geotechnical investigation industry which enables Subtech to offer near shore geophysical surveys and reports on harbour developments, pipeline routes, cable routes, jetties and general site survey requiring coastal engineering. All of these solutions are enhanced by our in-depth understanding of the stratigraphy and sedimentary structures of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Partnerships, MOUs and JVs:
• International sales and rental vendors with established networks in Sub-Saharan Africa
• Full range of hydrographic survey equipment, data winches, USBL positioning systems, ROV equipment, remote sensing & imagery
• Professionally registered land, mine and engineering surveyors
• Professionally registered geophysicists and geologists
• LiDAR companies
• ROV & AUV operators
• Geotechnical companies
• Vibracoring
• Drilling and coring
• CPTu (land, marine and seabed testing)

Salvage & Towage

Subtech’s Salvage Division has established itself as a reliable and cost effective emergency response service provider with standby teams on call 24/7 to assist with emergencies. Our geographical “response” footprint is superimposed on the Subtech “operational” footprint and beyond (refer to Bases & Operational History) with regional operations teams, network, local knowledge and experience in place and ready to respond to any marine emergency.

In an industry where lost time often equates to an enormous financial loss, Subtech takes pride in having the resources, manpower and experience to attend to all marine casualties promptly.

To improve our product offering and service excellence through Southern Africa and the Western Indian Ocean, Subtech has formed a Joint Venture (for salvage related activities) with Ardent ( the entity formed through salvage giants, Svitzer Salvage and Titan Salvage. This JV combines the unbeatable response capacity of the Subtech Group with the technical experience and record that comes from Ardent.

The collective capacity offered through the Ardent-Subtech Joint venture places us in an unrivalled position to support any marine emergency.
Ardent-Subtech offers a comprehensive range of services, including:
• Marine emergency response
• Wreck removal
• Hydrographic surveys
• Environmental care/pollution control
• Diving services
• Underwater bunker/cargo removal
• Underwater survey/video Inspection
• Underwater demolitions
• Marine salvage consultancy
• Towage
• Cargo lightening
• Ships husbandry
• Pumping services

Over and above the Joint Venture, our ongoing operations have allowed us to form strong relationships with a cross-section of the maritime industry throughout our region, adding further to our ability to respond quickly with the right skill set.