Strategic Statement

Strategy is about communication of the business vision and mission in a way that enables clarity and understanding for employees and the business, to ensure that the business achieves its goals through the intelligent allocation of resources in a way that is consistent with our core values.

Company Vision Statement

To become a US$100m company by 2020 by becoming the market leader and supplier of choice in the Offshore Oil & Gas and Salvage Markets in Africa and the Middle East and by performing specialist sub-contractor services in Marine Projects.


Company Mission Statement

To capitalize on opportunities in the Offshore Oil & Gas and Salvage Markets in Africa and the Middle East, through unparalleled service delivery coupled with an agile business with passionate, motivated and proactive employees.


Company Strategy

“Diver at the end of the Umbilical”

To become the dominant Subsea Operator in Africa and the Middle East by leveraging off our strong diving pedigree (supported by the other core services of Marine and Survey) operating in the target markets of Oil & Gas, Salvage, and Marine Projects, by understanding our clients’ needs and building sustainable relationships based on trust.

To be successful, every employee must be geared towards supporting “the diver at the end of the umbilical.” This statement refers to everyone at the coalface and getting the job done right the first time. Our goal is to maximise the number of “divers” that Subtech has in the water and to do so in a safe and efficient manner.


Core Values

Our core values underpin all that we do and are entrenched in how we do business:

• Sustainability – The ideal we strive for in conducting our business
• Teamwork – Driven by a consistency of values, principles, actions and trust
• Best Endeavours – Where rapid response meets trusted reliability
• Passion – Where challenge is embraced by our “can do attitude”