What We Do

Our services cover most aspects of diving and marine related requirements, both above and below water, and are incorporated within the following Divisions:

Subsea – including offshore diving and services, inshore diving and shipping services and inspections
Salvage – including Marine emergency response, Contamination prevention and response management, Wreck removal, and refloating vessels.
Marine – including a wide range of flexible marine support services through Sub-Saharan Africa, a wide range of marine towage services as well as Vessel management services
Survey – including single and multibeam bathymetric surveys, side-scan sonar surveys and magnetometer surveys
Projects – including marine construction, submarine pipeline installation and maintenance, logistical support through Sub-Saharan Africa and cable installation and maintenance

Each of these Divisions boasts an impressive team of specialised skills, resources, and assets. Driving each of them is a passion for ensuring every client engagement is carried out in the spirit of innovation combined with experience that is the core ethos of Subtech.